invisible belt

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Invisibelt: All belt, no bulk!




Lets see just how easy it is to get a perfect fit from Invisbelt! Size the belt up to your waist, before putting it on. Adjust the plastic slider to shorten or lengthen the belt to your size. Thread through your belt loops and snap the front closed!


How Invisibelt makes you instantly slimmer:


1. 100% adjustable so you will always have a snug fit with everything no matter how much weight you gain or lose.


2. It is extremely thin, always hugging your curves.


3. There is no buckle belt to bulge and bulk up your sweater or top.


4. It comes in a transparent clear color that blends in with whatever you're wearing.


4. Our clear belt will match EVERY outfit.


5. It always lays flat rendering itself undetectable under any shirt. Regular buckle belts bulge and add inches to your hips or waistline.